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Healthcare : Santé. Alert !


 Ophtalmologists at Hemet,California 

A great team

“Care Team”

Dr. John Lee, last seen on July 21, 2017

Dr. Arthur Jacobson, last seen on September 30, 2016

Justin Ogoy, last seen on July 21, 2017

Their wonderful website offers me a personal page  where I can find  every information I need for my eyes… The specialists are, this way, always « handy » for the patient, who gets the possibility to find a terrific education…A big thank you …

Denise Boulet=Dunn.

MALACOLOGY  and  Pain Killers

Have a look on this blog at « Virtual museum of malacology « 

and read the text below due to  Joe Palca (See Google for more information)

Snail Venom Yields Potent Painkiller, But Delivering The Drug Is Tricky

  • … »The sea shell Conus magus looks harmless enough, but it packs a venomous punch that lets it paralyze and eat fish. A peptide modeled on the venom is a powerful painkiller, though sneaking it past the blood-brain barrier has proved hard.
Researchers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration for new drugs. One example is Prialt. It’s an incredibly powerful painkiller that people sometimes use when morphine no longer works. Prialt is based on a component in the venom of a marine snail. »...(see Google for more).

Stomac. Estomac !!! French/English.

Souffrez vous de l’estomac ? Is your stomach painful ?

Mine was!!!

N’attendez plus, consultez ! Do not wait ! Ask your doctor !

Vous hébergez peut être « H.Pilori », une dangereuse bactérie, l’Helicobacter Pilori !
You could be putting up « H.Pilori », a dangerous bacteria, « Helicobacter Pilori » !

Son attaque peut détruire votre estomac, depuis un ulcère jusqu’à un cancer mortel.
Its attack can destroy your stomach, from an ulcer to a fatal cancer !

Elle fut cause de la mort de Darwin à une époque où elle était encore inconnue. La science médicale la découvrit en 1982.

( Voir Google pour informations).
It has been Darwin’s death’s cause, at a time when it was still unknown. Medical science discovered it in 1982. (See Google for information).

Comment attrape-­‐t-­‐on cette tueuse ? How do people get this killer ?

IIl est fort possible que la nourriture soit son meilleur moyen de transport.

It’s possible that food coud be its favorite way of infiltration.

Tout particulièrement les aliments crus ou insuffisamment cuits.
Especially raw or insufficiently cooked or washed food..

Ainsi salades et crudités.
So are salads and raw vegetables and fruits.

Il faut les laver plusieurs fois.
They had to be washed several times.

Autrefois j’ai vécu en Afrique du Nord. Les personnes délicates de l’estomac désinfectaient les aliments crus avec du permenganate de potassium, spécialement préparé et acheté en pharmacie. D’autres, plus résistantes n’en éprouvaient pas le besoin.

Long ago, I was living in North Africa. The people who needed to protect their stomach , used a desinfectant, called « potassium permenganate », bought in pharmacies for this purpose. Others ones, more resistant did not need it.


Lorsque j’ai commencé à souffrir de l’estomac, à San Diego, je prenais ce mal en patience, croquant quelques pastilles anti-­‐acide.
When I started to feel some pain by my stomach,

I just chewed some acid pills .

Des analyses de sang révélèrent la présence
de la bactérie.
Blood analyses detected the bacteria ‘s presence.

Grâce à mes excellents médecins, à la Clinique Scripps de San Diego, et pour commencer mon spécialiste de la douleur et rhumatologue, Dr. A. Silverman, puis mon généraliste, Dr E. Johnson, je fus débarrassée de cet horrible intrus !

Owing to my excellent doctors, at the San Diego’s Scripps Clinic, and, to start my « pain specialist », Dr A. Silverman, then my generalist, Dr E. Johnson, I got relieved of this horrible intruder !

Dr Arthur Silverman
Dr Arthur Silverman



Un traitement « A Trois Remèdes » constitués de puissants antibiotiques destinés au seul estomac me délivra glorieusement mais non sans effets secondaires ! !

A « Three medications » treatment,, consisting of powerful antibiotics addressed to the only stomach gloriously delivered me but not without any side effects !!!


Je me retrouvai complétement desséchée des pieds à la tête !
I found myself completely dry along my whole body !

Bonnes et utiles bactéries tuées en même temps que la mauvaise et sa suite.
Good and useful bacterias killed at the same time as the bad ones.

Excellent terrain pour quelques « levures » spécialistes des démangeaisons et brûlures…
Great opportunity for some « yeasts » specializing in itching and burning…

Il fallut combattre sur d’autres fronts ! Mais ceci est un autre sujet…
I had to fight on other battlefields ! But this is another subject !

Revenons à notre estomac : une petite pilule, chaque matin, de « Pantoprazole », avant le petit déjeuner, assure son confort et sa paix !
Let us go back to our stomach: a small pill of Pantoprazole », every morning, before breakfast, brings for sure its comfort and peace !


J’espère que cette simple information pourra être utile à certains et certaines souffrant de l’estomac !

I hope this simple information to be useful to some readers of this blog painful with their stomach !!!

HEALTHCARE in Southern California.

«Hall of Fame»

                                                                Here I will enjoy to share my own information about the worst and the best I met in Southern California, at San Diego and Hemet.

                                    The best:                             

To honor the greatest doctors who treated me so well, the best I can do is to  thank and show my gratitude.

                                    The worst

is to complain about some behavior for me absolutely unbelievable in medical areas….One day,  newly moved at Hemet, Ca, by my husband’s  first and not last provider, I did feel  really bad… very far from Hippocrates’ rules…

                                      The best exists, fortunately!

  Dr A. Jacobson.

We were lucky enough to discover in our new city, one of the very best doctors, faitfhul to Hippocrates’ rule, being also  the most wonderful ophtalmologist, Dr Arthur Jacobson.

He found, immediately, and treated  with success what was wrong in my left eye. When other ophtalmologists, before, had noticed nothing.

I am greatly greatful to him.

                         A  few years before, already,

I thanked in the present blog, below,

         two great doctors of San Diego, Scripps clinic:

          Drs. A.Silverman and Dr.P. Johnson.

We organized our retirement , at Hemet, Ca.

                         Our  health insurance, at San Diego, with the  gorgeous Scripps Clinic, we prized so much,  had to be changed , for our County has changed,and we lost with a great regret our excellent providers from there.

Denise Boulet-Dunn.

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